Feeling stuck and/or uncertain about your future?

A career counsellor can help! It is fairly common to have uncertainties and questions around the future. In fact, most CEGEP students are not certain about what their educational/professional future looks like.

A career counsellor is someone who:

  • You can talk to about your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and concerns about your future and they will help you make sense of these thoughts and feelings.
  • Can help you identify the factors that influence your career development and assess your interests, values, abilities, motivations, etc.
  • Can provide career resources.
  • Can help you develop a plan to achieve your goal(s).

Is the CRC the right department for you?

  • Check out this diagram to see what we offer and do not offer: Career Resource Centre
  • Unsure of the differences between the Career Resource Centre vs. Academic Advising vs. Student Employment. Check out this resource for more information: CRC,AA, and SE Cheat Sheet

Last Modified: June 20, 2023