• Application Deadline: 
    March 1
  • Program Code: 
  • DEC in: 
  • Program Length: 
    3 years

Prepare for a creative career where your ideas count! Dawson鈥檚 Illustration Program will focus on improving your drawing and painting abilities while introducing you to 2D and 3D software applications. From figure drawing to the business aspects of illustration, you will develop expertise in advertising illustration, editorial illustration and comic illustration, among many other genres. You will graduate with a toolkit of skills that will allow you to work in many creative and professional fields.

Because of the Illustration Program, I have a solid foundation in multiple art fields which will allow me to pursue a career in whichever field I choose.
鈥 Maggie Z.

What you will learn?

  • Advertising illustration
  • Digital painting: concept art, matte painting
  • Editorial and portrait illustrations
  • Technical illustrations
  • Digital sculpting
  • Storyboards
  • Documentary and scientific illustration
  • Character or comic illustration
  • Assemblage, collage and printmaking techniques for illustration

Where will this program lead you?

Graduates of the Illustration Program often choose exciting careers in advertising and communication agencies, animation studios, corporate art departments, game design studios, architectural and engineering firms, movie and television studios, printing companies, and comic, magazine and book publishers. Others choose to find work as tattoo artists, commissioned mural artists, educators and freelancers.

Although the program is a three-year technical program, some graduates choose to further their studies at the university level in Illustration, Graphic Design, Film and Animation and Studio Arts.

What else you should know?

As an Illustration student, you will participate in field trip visits to museums, visit ateliers where professionals are at work and have the opportunity to attend workshops given by invited experts in the industry.

What do you need to apply?

  • A Diploma of Secondary Studies (DES) or academic background judged equivalent to the DES
  • Letter of intent
  • Portfolio
  • Timed drawing evaluation

Application Deadline

March 1

Last Modified: November 9, 2023