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An articulation agreement is a formal, signed, written agreement between two educational institutions. It outlines the kind of transfer credit or advanced standing that a student might be granted, based on studies at one school, upon entering a specific and related academic program at the other school. Articulation agreements are sometimes referred to as transfer agreements, transfer pathways or diploma to degree pathways.

The benefits of articulation agreements include the following:

  • They simplify the transition between academic programs, and minimize the duplication of course work.
  • They save students time and money.
  • They provide transparency, so that 鈥 upon applying 鈥 you have a sense of the transfer credit you are likely to receive.
  • The onus is not on you to provide all kinds of course information in an effort to negotiate transfer credit.

Requirements can vary depending on the specific agreement at a particular institution. And they must be updated when an academic program that is subject to an agreement is changed at either the sending or receiving school. It is therefore very important that you check the status of an agreement with the admissions office of the school at which you plan to apply. Dawson has a number of articulation agreements with universities in other Canadian provinces, and some in the U.S. and Australia.

Remember, it is not essential that Dawson have an articulation agreement with the school/program to which you wish to apply. It just means that investigating possible transfer credit will take more effort on your part. Don鈥檛 hesitate to contact your program or an academic advisor to explore degree completion options.

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Last Modified: August 9, 2023